Chapter 3, Part 4 – Dissolution of WSCCDP

Dissolution of WSCCDP

By late 1948, it was apparent to Dr. Budden that maintaining two separate corporations (the Health Research Foundation and Western States College of Chiropractors and Drugless Physicians) to oversee Western States College was unnecessary. To Dr. Budden, it seemed an uncomplicated task, to discontinue the WSCCDP in favor of the Health Research Foundation. He could not have anticipated the uproar this proposal would generate from the naturopaths at the college as they rose up in protest.

Even though the articles of both corporations provided for the conferring of a naturopathic degree, the naturopathic community felt they were not receiving the measure of recognition their profession deserved. They wanted to be recognized as naturopaths, not “drugless physicians” as described in the articles. Additionally, the naturopaths complained they were disregarded when it came to making important decisions at the college and within the HRF, decisions that affected them and their profession. The naturopaths demanded leadership representation at the college and membership representation on the HRF Board of Trustees.

They claimed they were being treated as a second-class profession and offered as evidence the fact that neither the name of the governing body (Health Research Foundation) nor the name of the college (Western States College) contained “naturopathy;” their presence was going unrecognized. It only inflamed them further when it was also pointed out that there was no mention of “chiropractic” in the names of either. The cry of disparate treatment by the naturopaths would only grow louder over time. Perhaps as a concession to the naturopaths, the HRF Board of Trustees met on January 19, 1949 to resolve the issue forever by resolution of unanimous approval. The resolution read:

BE IT RESOLVED, that this corporation have prepared and filed, and that there be executed by its proper officers, the two assumed name certificates: (1) File the assumed name of Western States College of Naturopathy, and (2) The assumed name of Western States College of Chiropractic.

Regardless of the driving forces behind the decision, on January 27, 1949, a Certificate of Dissolution for Western States College of Chiropractic and Drugless Physicians was submitted to the State of Oregon Corporation Department. By this act, WSCCDP ceased in name and all business operations, assets and holdings, to include real property, were turned over to the Health Research Foundation.

HRF Board resolution changes college name.
Certificate of Dissolution for Western States College of Chiropractic and Drugless Physicians.
Graduating class June 1949